SFO – City life!

This is not the first time I am visiting SFO but this time was sure different. We stayed for around ten days, mostly in the heart of the city. We did all the SFO stuff. Walking up and down the streets were more like hiking. I live in Denver but felt like SFO was more mountainous than here. I woke up to the sound of trams. Walked to get to any place and got their inside jokes about parking, Stood in line for a cup of ice cream or coffee or food to eat in those best rated places. Drove on both the bridges, walked through the parks of SFO. It was fun! I got a lot of exercise too.


I loved that SFO had a lot of vegan/vegetarian places. We went to Greens which had this pretty view of the boats and the water. The walk to the restaurant was pretty too.

Parks of SFO

We went to the Dolores Park (first pic below) and the Golden gate park. Golden gate park was so huge that it made my legs all sore. We walked to the Huntington falls which is situated in the lower middle of the park. This park has a lot of places to visit. One can rent boat near the falls, visit the conservatory, Japanese garden , play tennis and more. While we were there, there was a dance class going on too. It is a beautiful park to walk, bike or run.

Twin peaks. This view point covered the entire city and the city was glowing in lights. We were trying to spot all major landmarks. It was chilly there at night but we enjoyed this view point.

A busy city busting with charm! It was fun to live of the city life for a change.


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