Niagara Falls!

It was just Wow! All the pictures i have seen, it still was amazing to watch. The force of the water and the volume will not cease to amaze you.

So we did a few things in and around Niagara Falls :

  1. The Niagara Falls
  2.  Old fort Niagara
  3. Whirlpool state park

Niagara from the American side: We enjoyed the night and the day view. It was gorgeous through out. We walked around the state park to watch from all the view points.

Maid of the mist was just perfect way to see the falls. It was very refreshing with water splashing all over you and you could see the force of the falls.

I personally loved Cave of the winds. You walk up close to the falls and drench yourself. It is almost like taking a shower in the falls. hey gave us slippers that had grip over the red wooden stairs!

2. Old fort Niagara:

This is an old fort built by France and was first used in 1750s. There was a man dresses as a solider with a musket. He fired it for us. That was something. The river and the open green grounds gave way to a lot of wind and i was shivering. It is a good spot for the history bluffs. For me it was pretty looking and the fort is well preserved. I was able to appreciate that much.


3. Whirlpool state park

Lastly, we went to the spot where the Niagara river flows in takes a 90 degree turn to gush back out. This is possible due to the force of the river. In certain wind and weather conditions this whirlpool is more clearly visible.


I was so elated after this trip. Beauty of Nature!


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