New York City!

This was one place i didn’t think i will have such a good time. I always thought i am a  suburban kind of girl. I like the peace and quite, short lines, less traffic, less hurry to be anywhere.. Surprise! I like City too. Well maybe just to visit but i loved it there.

We took the City sightseeing pass and had a blast with it. Empire State building, one world trade center, boat rides, statue of liberty, wall St, the bull and the small girl, Ripley’s, Madam Tussauds, Bus tours, New york public library, Brooklyn bridge, Central park biking…Oh my look at that list! Yup we did it all.

Each day we spent there we were full of energy and wondering which to do and which was okay to not do. Man there was plenty to do. It was not even the popular touristy thing that was cool but the experience of the city.  The subway and walk and the biking. It was pleasant change for us and i for one loved it.

I loved the Ripley’s tour with all the fun artifacts. Biking along the Brooklyn bridge was super fun. The One world observatory’s show before we enter the observatory was mind blowing. I am not gonna spoil it for people who haven’t been there. It was rich in culture and people. Since i have been to Las Vegas it reminded me a little of that town. I thoroughly enjoyed my trip. And oh the skyline! Especially at night. So beautiful. Very different type of beautiful. Opposite to what i am used to.


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