Watkins Glen State Park

Okay so this is very unlike me but we went on a trip (long one) on a whim! That means i didn’t quite do my research on the places to visit and how and when of the trip. I had an idea of what all i wanted to do/see but not even close to my usual planning. The big reveal – We went to New york and Buffalo. Yay!!

New york is one of those places which is in everybody’s list when they visit USA. Believe it or not i just wrote my wishlist few months back and i had Niagara on it. Yay for me! My sweet dear husband totally read my thoughts (well i told him, haha).

Two days before we had to leave to New york, I stumbled across a bus tour which would take us to Niagara and back. We booked it just because we didn’t want to drive 7 hours one way. The bus tour had few other things on it but we majorly took it for the ride there and back.

The tour’s first stop was at Watkins Glen State park. We went on the George trail. They had beautiful planned it. The bus took to the top of the trail and picked us up at the bottom. We just had to walk down the stairs. It was just one way of the hike and that too the easy part. I really loved this park. It was so different from my usual hikes here in Colorado. It was a gorge, but that didn’t amaze me as it was small compared to the gorges here. What was so beautiful was the trees on top of the gorge, the breeze with humidity. I must say the humidity makes it easier to breath.

There were a lot of small falls and walk through caves. Each small waterfall has a pretty name. I really loved the rainbow falls. The water, greenery and the gorge was something of a new combination to me. It was a pleasant surprise.



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