A beautiful city with my beautiful friends. I went to Chicago to meet my close friends from School. Yup! Friends from a long time ago. When i think of these girls i am reminded of one particular birthday party where my friend’s sister found us very loud, maybe a little funny and decided to film us. When we watched us on the film, all we could hear was “ya” “i know” and “true”. We were so loud and most of the times at least two of us were talking at a time that only those words were audible and yeah we did say those three words often. So we named ourselves the yaknowtrues! Has a ring to it doesn’t it?

After 10 years, we all met in a country on the other side of the world and still be those girls who kept yapping. It felt good to be together, yap, laugh and let loose.

Okay a little about the City.  I really enjoyed my day in Chicago. Anywhere i wanted to go was just a stroll away. I really enjoyed walking along the lake. The lake trail was so pretty.  I was there just for a day and i think i covered all the touristy spots. The bean, beach, riding the wheel at navy pier and Sky Deck view.

The bean by itself is not that great but the reflection of all the skyscrapers on it and them behind it made this spot worth the visit. What i really liked was the skyscrapers were behind you and you could just walk to the lake which looks like a sea. Could have anyone fooled. Its like you can just walk away from all the busy city life to a calmer life with boats and yacht.

That evening we went to the John Hancock tower’s signature Lounge for drinks. Omg the view was spectacular. All the reviews are true the Lady’s room has quite the view. We skipped the sky deck and choose to go to the lounge and man i loved it. I missed my husband so much as this was such a romantic place. I get why anybody would propose there.

And back to us…Yes we still use “ya” “i know” and “true” so very often. We didn’t sleep the entire night and yet not close to shutting up!


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