Blue Lakes-Monte Cristo Gulch

I have been meaning to pen this down for quite a while now. This was from our visit to Breckenridge during the July 4th weekend. I had planned three things to do there..

1)  Scenic Drive through Boreas Pass:  It is not a paved road and yet 2WD can easily manage. Our guests wanted to do off-roading, so  we had planned to pass this off as such. (Not really though!) I wouldn’t rate it high but it wasn’t bad. I was disappointed by the lack of picnic table at the summit. Boreas pass was part of historic rail road and mining, that was interesting.

2) Blue Lake Hike: I have been after the blue lakes trail forever. Feels like there are a million blue lake trails in Colorado. I wanted to do the Blue Lake trail in Telluride but we could only do Blue lake of Breckenridge. This beautiful hike starts from the back of the dam where one can park. (Google Maps – Blue lake trail head, Breckenridge)

Though this hike is not much in distance, only 2.8 miles round trip; it is located at quite a elevation. The hike starts at 11,748 feet elevation and gains about 800 feet. Initially, it was difficult till we got acclimated to the elevation.  This trail is entirely above tree line which was beautiful.

First you are welcomed by the Reservoir – Beautiful blue lake with the mountains as backdrop. I am sure this phrase is repeated once in 10 posts of mine. Yet, it mesmerizes me. One can never get tired of this scenery. We started off our hike from between the fence. We went behind the road you see in picture below and we had to climb the rocky trail.

Don’t worry though. It is only at the beginning. As you hike along, you will be treated with beautiful beautiful wild flowers. Oh! flowers are totally my thing. Some serenity it brings in me. I have been wanting to hike along wild flowers and this was it. Best of all, i didn’t plan it to be; i was pleasantly surprised. Flowers had bloomed along the water (ice melts). The water was flowing and birds chirping. We stopped to enjoy these as well as take some breaths. Elevation got to me!

The end of the trail is not the prize but the journey is. As at the end are mountains, much closer. We also saw and heard marmots along the way.

It was a beautiful hike.

3) Gondola Ride: For all those who are planning to go to Breckenridge, please plan for the Gondola ride (free) and remember its only till 5 pm. I was all disappointed as we couldn’t reach on time. It was past 5 when we made our way through the downtown. Next time i told myself. I have a list of those things though. We sat next to the river walk with our coffee and it was still a blissful evening.



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