Catamount Falls – Thomas Trail

We choose to hike to the Catamount falls because it was a short hike of 3 miles. Not much of elevation gain and the trail is surrounded my trees making it apt for summer hikes.

We started off from Green mountain falls downtown near the Gazebo lake. The Gazebo lake is a great place for picnic. The trails are amidst private lands and there is no parking close by. One has to walk to the trail head from the Gazebo lake parking.


We walked along the Ute Pass avenue, took the right towards Hotel st. As you walk along, it will turn into Park ave and further head turning right on to Boulder st we get to the start of the trail head. There are very small signs which points to trails but they can be easily overlooked.

The trail was called Thomas trail and was indicated with a yellow dot through out the hike. This was quite helpful. We started off and the narrow trail with trees all around was very relaxing and calming. Right at the start, we came across Crystal creek.

It was a pretty spot with a bench near by. We sat there for sometime to admire nature and we went along the yellow dotted trail. In around 2 miles, we will reached the Catamount falls. I guess there should have been more water if we came at the end of may. It was still pretty waterfalls. From there, the trail continued over the creek to reach the end of the hike. In about 0.2 miles the trail ends.

The trail ended near Belvedere avenue which takes you to the Gazebo lake in about 1 mile. I liked the shady green hike to the waterfalls but didn’t like the fact that we had to walk on the road for 1 mile to get to the trail and also way back to the parking.

A peaceful, relaxing and a short hike.


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