The last stop of our trip and it was amazing. I loved this town; surrounded by snow-capped mountains, a beautiful river walk, free gondola ride (EPIC ride)..I wish i could have stayed here longer.

We had planned to hike to the Blue Lake which is located at 9400 ft elevation. The late snow in May didn’t help our plans. So we had to postpone it.

We explored the downtown of Telluride like we do in every city we visit. It is a pleasant town with mountains as its back drop. As we enter the town we saw deers, cows, horses, prairie dogs and some mountain goats.

The Gandola ride was so awesome! I loved loved the ride. Can’t believe it is actually free to the public. The Gandola has 4 stations in total and hence three parts to ride. The views up in the air is just fantastic – the majestic mountains, beautiful meadows, flowing river and to our surprise some wild life.

We walked by the side of San Miguel river, watching the gandolas move. So refreshing.

The last thing we did before getting back home is the hike to the Bridal Veil falls.

Bridal Veil Falls are the tallest free falling falls in Colorado with 365 feet in height and at a elevation of 10,279 ft. A privately owned, historic power plant sits atop the falls. The signs to this falls are not very clear.

We parked at the valley view area parking and continued on foot on the dirt road. (Blue lake near by) High clearance , 4 Wheel Drive are recommended up this dirt road. If you have one, you can straight up drive to the base of the falls and up to the top. The top has a view of the meadows and mountains. We hiked a 1.2 mile to the base of the falls which was 1650 feet of elevation gain and were rewarded by refreshing mist from the falls.

Telluride, we will be back!


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