Million Dollar Highway

This drive was like a million bucks! Beauty of nature.

The million dollar highway is part of the San juan skyway. Ouray to Silverton along the US 550 is the million dollar highway. It is a short 25 mile drive but there are so many overlooks to spend the entire day. We were on our way to Durango to continue the San Juan skyway scenic drive.

The drive is not as scary as portrayed.  Not all the overlooks are distinctly visible. First overlook is the Bear Creek falls. The signs are clear, one cannot miss it. A big drop. We can see the water from the other side moving towards the falls. This spot provides a wonderful view of the San Juan Canyon.

A little ahead of the road is this beautiful blue lake – Crystal Lake. We picnicked here watching the majestic snow capped mountains.  The crystal lake does not have a clear sign or board, so keep an eye out.

Drive further ahead; watching the mountains, different types of terrains. The bending roads were quite a drive.  As we drove further; we could see a continuous range of red color peaking through the snow.

Molas Lake park and Molas Pass:

These overlook made me wanna paint. I wish i was artistic enough to capture this beauty.

Highlights of the Million Dollar highway!


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