Mesa Verde National park

A short drive of 30 minutes from Durango and we reached Mesa Verde National Park. This park in my opinion is not that great. Let me explain. This park would be fun and entertaining for those who are into history. I like history but this park was dull for my taste.

I personally liked knowing about their basket weaving, pottery and in general how they lived, prayed and co existed. This is an UNESCO world heritage site. That actually tells you the importance of the site with reverence to history and heritage. Having said all that, for a fun seeking tourist like me, this park didn’t appeal to me. We spent most of our time driving from point to point (Geological reasons contribute to long drives between points) and watching the dwelling from far. In my four day trip, I least enjoyed this place.

The park is well maintained and preserved. These dwellings were built in 700 AD to 1200 AD. The gradual growth in architecture and culture is visible.  Each dwelling gives us a picture of how the Ute tribe lived during that time in harsh weather conditions.

I might be biased and didn’t get impressed as i grew up with advanced architecture which were built around the same time. Shore temple of Mahabalipuram built in 700AD and Brihadeeswarar Temple  built in 1010 AD are just some examples.  These temples are still used for worship.

We were constantly wondering how the tribe go to such heights; these cliff dwellings were quite high. Ladders and stairs were used to get there.

4/4 National Parks of Colorado! Yay!


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