Next Stop was Ouray! (why Next? refer to my last post)

This is where San Juan Skyway starts. The Scenic must do drive of CO and a big part of our road trip.


My husband is a big fan of Hot springs. I have become one too now. Ouray has a few hot springs one can enjoy. We choose Orvis Hot springs which was on our way into Ouray. It was beautiful. They had four pools with different temperatures and it had a garden feel to it. We took our sweet time in the first pool, which was not that hot and kept looking at the snow-capped beauty in front of us. It was so relaxing.

Ouray is known as Swiss of USA. You can see why! Wow…


Box Canon Park

I thoroughly enjoyed this park and the falls. Something new and different and refreshing. Entree fee was $4/person but its well worth it. I highly recommend this park to everybody..

The park offers two main Trails – Box Canyon falls and High Bridge trail.

Box Canyon falls (3 & 4 pics): To get to the falls is a steel bridge and some steps down to the falls. It gets chilly when you near the falls. It feels like you are in a cave. The water is gushing out and the falls is rapid. It was refreshing.

Can you see the bridge on top in pic 4 (above)? That is the high bridge trail. If you take the stairs up and hike a little in the upward direction, you get to the bridge.

The bridge is the only piece between the mountains and you can see the river flowing below. The other end of the bridge has this cave which leads to Ouray Perimeter trail (very long). We walked through and came back into the park.

Ouray is a lovely town and i enjoyed staying there. Wish i could explore more.

Coming up next: Million Dollar Highway!




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