Black Canyon, Gunnison

We had an awesome road trip during the memorial day weekend. I am so excited to re-live it here.

First stop – Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park. We started off on US-285 N and the drive was scenic.

On the way over, we drove past a vast reservoir – Blue Mesa. It’s so large that we were driving past it for a while. Along the Blue mesa were a lot of recreational areas. For land locked state like Colorado, Reservoirs are the beaches of Colorado.


Black Canyon National park was scary at first but so beautiful. The Geology was mesmerizing. We learnt that the blue mesa reservoir was built on Gunnison River which carves the Canyon. Since then the activity has reduced to a greater extent.

The first overlook near the Visitor Center made my head spin. All those details in Canyon was too much for my eyes to process and that depth..shheww…I say this often, but honestly the picture is only half of what it is in reality. The depth perception of eyes is unmatched.


See the green river Gunnison flowing.. It is actually flowing rapidly which you could hear – the water gushing and wind blowing the entire time spent here.

Later, the other overlooks, points were not so hard. I started enjoying them. This national park is easy on everybody. Not much hikes, just driving around to the points. My favorite overlook for Painted Wall.

The Mountain had beautiful stripes on it which is actually another type of rock fused into the formation.

We managed to do one hike – Warner point. They had self-guided trail map which was fun to read along the hike. It is an easy 1.5 mile (round trip) hike, though it has some steep segments.


Just as you start the hike, you can see a gorgeous views of meadows and mountains.  The hike ends with this view of the canyon.


3/4 National parks in CO. Yay!!



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