O’ Fallon Park

Last weekend was sunny! With temperature rising to 80 F, we were considering biking or hiking. I thought hiking in some place with a cooler temperature would be ideal. As usual, the closer it is to Denver the better. We choose O’Fallon Park in Evergreen for our short hike. The park is located in Morrison and drive through 285 itself was scenic. Passing through the Red rocks canyon.

The park was not any cooler but the trees made the trail easier. We hiked the west ridge loop which was about 3.5 miles. The trail was not too steep and easy to hike. The bear creek was along the trail. The trail was covered with pine cones and tree barks as a result of the hail the previous week. Oh that hail had caused such havoc. Golf ball sized hails are not be messed with.

It was a good afternoon walk i would say. What we enjoyed was the time we spent on the bear creek. Splashing water and walking along side water was refreshing.


Another small hike close to Denver!


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