Steamboat Springs

A Perfect weekend getaway from Denver. Three and a half hours drive and you reach this small beautiful ski town. We drove straight to the Fish creek falls for a hike. After paying the $5 fee to this rec area, we started with the overlook.

The falls was fabulous! It is a 283 feet tall waterfall. There are three hikes there. One is the Fall overlook, which is a short 1/4 mile hike. The view from here is from far and a little elevated. There is a paved path to this point.


Second one, is a trail towards the bottom of the falls up close. This trail takes you towards a bridge and you can see the grandeur of the falls from close. This was my favorite spot. Look at the beautiful falls which turns into a grand forceful creek. The sound of the water running was calming. We spotted a lot of butterflies and wildflowers along the way.


Past the bridge is a trail to the Upper fish creek falls. The sign says Lost lake which is a 5 mile hike. Upper fish creek falls that is to the top of the falls is said to be a 3 mile hike. We started off on this trail determined to do at least the upper fish creek. The trail started off with snow. We went during the mud season. The entire trail up was marshy and covered with snow. With good hiking shoes, we managed to move along easily.

We were treated with small creeks and water falls all along the way. Half way up, a huge tree had covered the path and we had to climb and jump to the other side. It was fun, but we could see many of our fellow hikers were hurt. Either cause of the slippery trail and snow or the trees brushing and scratching their legs. We crossed this obstacle but another mile down and it started to drizzle. We were wondering if we have to turn back and just then couple of friendly hikers warned us that the trail beyond that point is very much slippery and full of snow. That made our decision easy for us and we made our way down. We could see the falls from the higher point at this point though the view point wasn’t marked or clear. Though we didn’t complete the hike, we had earned the visit to the Hot springs 🙂 This hike had a lot of aspen trees, it would sure be a beauty in the fall.

The town had free shuttle bus, the parking was free and we also went to the Yampa Botanic Park which also had free admission. Cool town isn’t it?

The Park is just next to the Yampa River. After a break, we visited the park and the river walk.

The park was so pretty, neat, calming and relaxing. Birds chirping and the river flowing were such soothing sounds. The park had plenty of benches for us to relax in.

We ended our stay in steamboat springs with moon bathing. We visited the Strawberry hot springs. The weather was perfect, not too cold or windy. There was just no lights there. We were totally dependent on the moon light. We had to be so careful as the stones in the pools were slippery. The experience was priceless. Resting in the warm water looking at the beautiful shining moon and stars, while listening to the Yampa river flowing next to you. You could see the silhouette of the mountains and aspen trees around. Fall would make this Hot springs even more appealing i hear. As we made our way towards the hotel, we decided to be back in the fall.


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