Cache la Poudre and Horsetooth Reservoir


After a relaxing stay in steamboat springs, we started our way back to Denver. Though I70 is scenic and beautiful, we wanted to take a different route back to Denver. We choose to drive to Fort Collins, break for lunch and then head home. This turned out perfect as we could drive one of the scenic by ways of this beautiful state – Cache la Poudre Canyon. (The drive from Walden to Fort Collins)

It was so beautiful and we had the entire road to ourselves. Vast green lands all around with cows, deers, horses and moose to spot.  As we drove, we could see snow capped mountains all around us. Rocky Mountain and Mountain bow mountains.

As we drove closer to fort collins, the Cache la poudre river was running next to us. It is similar to the I70. Beautiful Mountains and Canyons around us as we drove to fort Collins. Fort Collins as a city was a bit different. The trees were huge, railway track in the middle of the road…It was different in a good way.

After Lunch, we visited the horsetooth Reservoir. We were totally in awe of its size. 156735 acre -ft in water volume. Its very long and has few places where we can park. It has a fee of $7. A small hike will take down to the water. It also has a swim area.


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