Castlewood Canyon

This week’s hike is another one closer to the City. Located in Castle Rock is this State park with various short hikes. If you want a longer path, you could combine two trails to make it longer or a loop.

The hike which caught our eye was the one with the falls and dam. As we entered through the East side entry, we started off with the Overlook.

We walked 400 feet to get to this deck and there was this pretty bridge and the canyon. There was a weak creek flowing.

Next we drove to the other side to start our hike. The falls spur trail and Dam trail. Like i said all trails are small. The falls though not a spectacular one, was pretty. We could dip our feet in water and play for sometime. The park by itself was dry and not really green.

Big boulders and rock everywhere as we walked along. Elevation gain wasn’t much either. We made our way through to the Dam. Old dam built in 1890.

Dam Trail took us to the top of the dam and back.

We could see the Rimrock trail from the top of the Dam. It was so windy on top that i thought i will be blown away.

This state park would be a good pick for families and for a very short hike.


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