We were headed towards Alderfer/Three Sisters park for a moderate short hike. The park is just an hour away from Denver and was perfect for a stroll like hike. We did parts of few trails.

The park was so crowded that we didn’t get a parking spot. There are two parking lots though. We started off with bluebird meadow made our way through Sisters, Ponderosa, Silver Fox trails to reach the Brother. Put together it was a 3.5 mile loop and wasn’t hard, not much of elevation.

The trails were mostly rocky with new blossoms of wild flowers. The trail itself reminded me of Mt. Cutler in Colorado Springs and the Brother reminded me of whale rock in Utah. Irony is we didn’t hike the three sisters but the brother in the three sisters park.

Three Sisters


As we were driving towards Denver, we saw this reservoir and had to stop. It looked like falls. After a short ice cream break we went around the lake – Evergreen Lake Trail.

Next to the reservoir is the stairs to the lake/trail. This was a nice find. We saw people fishing and boating in the lake. I was happy to be outside enjoying the sun.


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