Green Mountain

A beautiful sunny day, we decided to hike the Green Mountain. We were a group of 8 and started enthusiastically towards the Boulder; Open space and mountain parks.

Our first stop was the panorama point – view of boulder. The place was crowded given its a weekend. People in Boulder are always so active. Just looking at them is so motivating.


There are many trails that lead to the summit of Green Mountain. Green Mountain west ridge trail is the shortest way to reach the summit. The Round trip was about 3 miles and elevation gain was felt by all of us. The summit is at 8100 feet above sea level. We drove and street parked just near the trail head. We reached the trail head after a short walk in a private road.

Though the day was sunny and warm, there was snow on the entire trail. We didn’t wear our spikes. The sun had fooled us. It was slushy and we slipped a few times, but it was manageable.

As we progressed along the trail, we could see the beautiful snow-capped mountains. Towards the end, it got a little steep.

A Beautiful view of the mountains. It was not a large space and we were so many people on top enjoying the view. 360 degree view. Mountains, bird’s eye view of the city…And when we climbed up the rock, there was this plank with the mountains named. It helped us sort our argument out.

On our way back, we skated through the snow and it was fun. The most fun part of living in Colorado are these hikes. Beautiful, fresh air, part of nature and best of all, can be considered as workout for the day!


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