North Cheyenne Canon Park

The post is named with the park’s name instead of the trail’s name because though we hiked, we didn’t do any one particular trail fully.

We actually wanted to go to the Rockies and snowshoe the amazing Emerald lake. One can’t get used to that view! I want to see that beauty again. Unfortunately, the weather didn’t cooperate; snow was predicted. So we had to look for places where the weather was sunny and choose Colorado springs. Hence, North Cheyenne Canon Park.

I am sure almost all hikers have lost their trail at least once. That’s bad enough but look what happened to us! We planned a trail, went on another and got lost on that trail too! Haha! We were that lucky.

When i hike, i would like to have a destination. Sort of a prize for all your hard work getting up there. So i always choose such trail which leads to a falls or a lake or some grand view point. We had planned to hike the 3.5 mile long (round trip) Seven bridges trail, considering first time hikers in our group. As we got to the park, we had to stop and look at the beautiful Helen hunt falls in its frozen state. The fall’s top layer was frozen, underneath water was still running. Such a beauty. Isn’t nature spectacular?

The water had frozen in various shapes and was treat to our eyes. It was more like cloud gazing. Look that looks like a skirt…No! a leaf..

We went ahead with the Silver Cascading falls which was frozen too. The way to the falls was icy and slippery. Our yaktrax traction device helped us but our friends were struggling/having fun skating on ice. We even got to witness ice climbing on the falls :O

We drove ahead to get to the seven bridges trail. I had to ask around as there were so signs for this one. We went ahead on the left of the parking space.Right at the start of the hike, there was a strong wind and we all had sand on our face. Not letting that drag us down, we started our hike with good spirit. Group  of spirited hikers :).

The seven bridges trail is supposed to have seven beautiful bridges under which the creek would flow. We walked and walked waiting for the bridges to come and finally gave up. Took a lunch break looking at the Colorado springs aerial view. The view was good.

Some parts of the trail had snow, some didn’t and it was nice to walk in the woods. We saw pretty pine cones which were big and symmetrical, creeks frozen over….

Finally, we saw a sign to St mary’s falls. It said 1.6 miles to the falls. I had read about this trail too but didn’t choose that just cause it was long. Since we were there, we decided to go on and were happy to be along some trail.

The snow can be such a spoil sport. It hid the trail and tracks so damn well and hence, we took a wrong turn once again. Since then we argued about which way to go and used google maps to help us find our way. That was such a wrong move in hindsight. Nevertheless, the hike was enjoyable in terms of scenic points, fun with friends and just being outside.

My high spirited, lovely co-hikers.



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