Echo Lake

Echo lake is located along the mount Evans scenic byway. We went snowshoeing to this frozen lake. We got our new Yaktrax traction device and were eager to test it out.

The weather was sunny, yet very cold with some wind. We decided to do just the echo lake trail which is trail around the lake. The lake was completely frozen with the beautiful snow capped mountains behind. It was a gorgeous view just there. We started our hike around the lake.

We saw the sign for Chicago lake trail and remembered reading about it. So i convinced my not so willing husband to go along the trail at least half way. It was beautiful. The trail was a little narrow and had very good views.

The best part of this hike was the Igloo built by someone at the end of the lake trail. It was big enough to fit one standing inside. Such a cool thing to do right?

Also our yaktrax is worth a buy. Good traction through ice and snow. With successful test results, we are now ready for longer hikes in winter.




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