Cheyenne Mountain Zoo

The only mountain side zoo in the country. So we visited this much hyped zoo. I was expecting something different just cause it has mountain in its name. I was disappointed with that but as a zoo it is pretty good. The animals has their own big space and taken care of.

As soon as you enter you will be wowed by the giraffes and there are so many of them. Those beautiful creatures. Huge yet so soft. It goes on..You know its a zoo..all the animals one would expect. Look at these cute little birds..

What i liked best was the sky ride. It costs $4 but its worth it. An aerial view of the zoo. I loved the ride. Mountain zoo so it made it easy for them to do it. We saw some animals too from the ride. Mountain goat in the picture there.


I also liked the layout of the zoo. One has to move between floors. That felt good cause its different. Personally, reptiles creep me out. I cant even look at them without making a face. This zoo made me look. They had designed the reptile section so well. It looked like a normal room with decorative elements but had a reptile living in them.

A very old tree. Pretty cool isn’t it?


The lights came on in the end and looked great as well. A beautifully organised zoo. We had a good time. (just as adults)


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