Oh yes! Next day another national park..2/5 in this trip! The canyons here was such a beauty. A totally different kind of beauty. I am more moved by greenery, water bodies and colors but this one was way different. More or less like Grand Canyon but not that grand.

Canyonland national park is spread out and divided into 5 segments. Each with a different entrance and far from each other. So covering this national park takes longer. Also this park is huge. We had only one day in hand. We were forced to cut short our trip due to winter storm warnings on our way back to Denver. So we were able to cover just Island of the sky part of the park. We were able to hike 3 trails.

Mesa Arch

Easy and short hike. Beautiful view.

Grand View Point

2 mile hike around the canyon. As you walk around, the views and photo opportunities get better and better.

Whale Rock

Short and enjoyable hike up the rock. The trail was marked with Cairns as you can see the picture below. You have to follow the Cairns to not get lost. Once you are up this whale rock, the panoramic views are breath taking.

Green river viewpoint

Though we were able to do just this one part, i enjoyed this park a lot more.


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