Four days at home in this cold weather? Brutal and boring. So we decided on a road trip to Moab, 5 hours from Denver. The most popular spot in Utah is their Arches. Oh ya its on their number plate!

Once we entered Moab, we could see the difference in the setting. We were suddenly surrounded by red mountains. Felt like it wasn’t even the same planet as we entered Arches National Park. We planned on spending the entire day in the park, hiking 3 to 4 trails.

First one was the Delicate Arch.

On the trail to Delicate arch is a display of Petroglyphs – Rock Art by the Ute tribes. Past that the trail begins and is about 1.5 miles to the Arch. Trails are marked with Cairns – pile of rocks. The trail gets narrow along the path. The view as we climb uphill gets better and better. The Delicate Arch is one of its kind. It supposedly will last for around 1000 years. The Arches all through the park has been carved by wind and time. It started several million years ago with salt deposits and Sedimentation of gravel and rock development.

Even without  the science of it all, they are fascinating structures.

The next trail we headed to was the Landscape Arch. Along the way was Pine tree arch and tunnel arch.

Entrance to the trail; Pine tree Arch; Tunnel Arch:

As soon as i started hiking on this trail, the place felt familiar. It felt a lot like Garden of the gods near Pikes peak, CO but in a grander way.

Landscape Arch


Balanced Rock


Double Arch


Windows section was great too.

That wraps up Arches National Park.


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