My second trip to California and we started with the Yosemite National Park. It is such a huge national park, we had just the weekend so we had planned to do just the Yosemite Valley and a few hikes.

We took a Lewis Creek trail. Just a small one with a fall at the end of the trail. It was beautiful and the smell of the forest was incredible. That was one was the big difference i felt from the Rockies here. The forest smells good and different. I am thinking its the sequoia trees.

Tunnel Viewpoint


Next day we did this hike to Vernal Falls and Nevada Falls – Mist trail. Wow! This one was such a beauty. The entire hike was beautiful with fall color and creeks around.

It was a steep climb to the falls and it was magnificent. I wasn’t expecting so much water considering it is fall. I haven’t seen such tall waterfall. The falls fell right on a rock spreading mists. Boy it got cold. We continued our hike to the top of the falls. Now this was steep climb. The trail was made up of stair like rocks. The top had a nice picnic place and the view of the falls from above. A little further is Emerald lake and silver fork falls; further Nevada falls.

Yosemite Falls

It is the fifth tallest falls in the world. It looks small in the picture next to the huge mountains.


Glacier Point

We could see the entire Yosemite Valley from up there. The Half dome, Vernal falls, Nevada falls..Really cool view.

I loved this trip. The hikes were great, views were awesome and there is so much more to do and explore in the Park.



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