Our magical journey started with the magical express from the airport to Disney. We were there at the Beach club resort for a conference. No theme park fun here. Still, i enjoyed my stay as the resort itself was so pretty.

First the magic band. It was personalized with our name on it :O. The use of it was so easy. I loved using it so seamlessly, opening our room and to paying bills just so easy. Too easy actually and you don’t realize you are actually spending uh oh!

I walked around all the resorts nearby. The beautiful broad walk at nights, the pools of the beach and yacht club and the swan and dolphin fountains. A slide from a ship to the pool was really cool.

Though we stayed in Disney; we choose Universal theme park just cause we are Harry Potter fans! We originally wanted to buy a 2 day pass but got a day off with a promotion and ended up being in those two parks for 3 whole days. It was totally super fun and really exhausting. It was off- season (thank god for that) so, we had shorter lines than most days. We thought we will get bored at the end of two days as we would ave seen it all but man we had things to do even the third day!


Harry potter world!

So magical as it should be! The minute we entered the Hp part of the park, it was like being in the movie. Every little detail..just wow! The interactive wands were just so cool. Little things to do along the way. Hogwarts express, Hogwarts, hogsmeade and more.

Next to the Hp world i liked the Toon lagoon part and a Suess landing part of the park. First one made me feel like i was in a comic book and latter a cartoon. So cool!

All of the rides were so damn cool. I just can’t describe them. It just takes you to another world entirely – Simulation it is!


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