Key West

I must say i liked the drive and the stops along the way much more than Key west. Southern most point of USA. The beautiful blue waters all around. Water – sports! Yes we headed towards the water and decided to do parasailing and jet ski tour. The jet ski tour was around the key west. Wow!

So we decided to get started with that. My husband drove and i sat behind him. We had planned to take turns. The tour had a stop over in a island as per plan. I was so excited. We started to drive and followed our guide and he was way too fast. Oh my! We were trying to find our balance in the waters. In about 10 minutes, he got the hang of it and i felt safe again. It was really fun driving it. There was so brake to the jet ski obviously but it was so fun learning it. I got my turn very soon and i was not fast enough to catch up with my group. I still had fun driving around the Gulf of mexico.We even saw dolphins and fishes along the way.

The rain had to play the spoil sport. :(.. We had to cut our tour in half and be back. The waters were choppy due to the rains. It was great fun though a little scary. All I could see was waters around me.

Next Parasailing..So the rain had stopped in about half a hour. We went ahead with the parasailing. This was not scary and the view was just spectacular. So we were raised from the boat with our parachutes on. We rose up and saw jelly fishes in the water. The height gave us such a pretty view of the islands, key west and boats in the water. The most fun we had was when we were dipped into the waters just for fun. We were dipped for like 4 times and again risen up. We got drenched alright, but it was so cool to be able to do that without a bit of fear.

We had to head back to town as  the weekend came to an end. I was still counting on all those other water sports i would have liked to try. There are so so many..Maybe next time.


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