En route to Key west

Back from a long long vacation. Long vacations or rather long trips makes me miss home so much. Its good to be home. That doesn’t mean my vacation wasn’t fun. My tan would speak for the fun i had in the sun. The beaches along the way to Key west…wow!

The drive to key west was just awesome. Both the sides all you can see is water – clear beautiful blue water. Gulf of mexico on one side and the Atlantic ocean on the other. Though the entire drive wasn’t that way, it was still awesome to see your current location in the maps.


Our first stop was at John Pennekamp Coral reef state park, Key Largo. The Florida Keys Reef system is North America’s only living coral barrier reef. The reef covers 221 miles along Florida’s southeast coast from Key Biscayne to the Dry Tortugas. The reef is protected as an underwater state park known as the John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park, the first of its kind in North America.The entrance fee was under $10. Yay!


The water was so clear and shallow. There were beautiful birds flying around. We also spotted an iguana. A green one beautifully camouflaged. It was not easy to spot it. Next thing to do was get into the water. We snorkeled. I didn’t do much as i wasn’t a good swimmer. My husband had so much fun snorkeling. I still could see a lot of beautiful fishes. My brother told us, this is just a start and he had chosen this place for us to get acclimated  to water and the organisms in it. We spent a good 2 hours there before we got to the next place.

Bahia Honda State park, Big Pine Key

This is my brother’s favorite spot and now mine too. Beautiful beaches with glass like water, green tall trees, birds chirping and flying around. There was so much life around. We walked to every side of the park through the bridges, along the beaches. It was such a beauty. The water was warm and the walk along the beach was soothing.

We rested along one of those beaches watching the birds  swooping into the water to catch its meal. Quite the entertainment. The birds didn’t care for us. It dove so close to me, that i was scared. We watched the sun go down with the bright orange color it castes on the sky. Another beauty.

We had rented a place in Key deer. We woke up to see deer right next to the house. Highlight of the stay.


For the past year or so all i have been seeing is mountains. Beaches were quite the change and the sun was comforting. I loved every beach we went to. The views were spectacular and i was in awe with nature. Mountains, beaches, reefs and all the organisms that comes with it. Beauty indeed.


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