Nederland, CO

Last weekend, both of us were lazing around wondering what to do. We just decided to get on the car and go to any place it takes us. So there we were in Nederland. A small town in Colorado amidst the Arapaho National forest and Indian Peak wilderness.

We took a short hike to Barker Reservoir and Mud lake. The hike had flowing creek on one side and wildflowers on the other. We first reached a lake for kid’s to try fishing. Then the Barker reservoir.Pretty blue water. We walked across a very narrow bridge on top of the dam to get to the other side. It was a skate park. Skaters  practicing.

Next stop was a coffee shop. The shop was inside a train. :O

Mud lake: Not sure why it is called a mud lake. It was a serene atmosphere. We both sat down looking the wind causing ripples.

Sweet small town!


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  1. thisisyouth says:

    Ned’s a weird place! In the best possible way though.


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