Royal Gorge Bridge and Rail

We couldn’t go anywhere this labor day weekend as my dear husband sprained his ankle. Royal gorge was a perfect choice as it doesn’t require much walking and also since its been in my list for a long time now.

We first took the train which goes through the gorge next to the Arkansas river. At one particular place we can see the bridge and the zip-liners from the train. The train has a beautiful open carriage in the middle for us to get out if we want. The allotted seats are in the closed carriage and we ordered our lunch in there. From the open carriage we saw zip liners, gandolas and sky coaster. For me, the sky coaster was the scariest even to look at.It was like a swing which went in all directions.

We could see Rafters along the way. Shouting, waving..It was a fun ride. It took a total of 2 hours.

Near the station was a beautiful flowing creek and a lake. The lake had ducks and swans swimming around. We dipped our feet in the cold water and rested there for a while. It was a good contrast as the train’s open carriage was really hot and sunny. As you can see, it didn’t quite matter. We spent most of our time in the open carriage enjoying the views and waving at the rafters.

Next stop : Royal Gorge Bridge & Park

Decision time! We had to decide if we wanted to do any of the rides. The Gandola ride was inclusive with the admission and we were good with just that. We first took the Gandola to get to the other side and walked the bridge on the way out. The zip line and gandola was right next to each other. We saw the zip liners next to us and the royal gorge as we rode the gandola.

Got some ice cream and walked the bridge. It was such a beautiful and scary view from up there. The walk way was made up of wooden planks. We got to see the train we rode on from up there. Wow!


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