Cave of the winds

I personally love having guests over. More people to talk to and feed 😀 (Did i forget to mention i love to cook and bake?). Every time i have someone over i get so very excited and plan my menus. More often than not, they don’t work as planned.  When my husband’s cousin’s family decided to visit us; i was thrilled especially because Adhvika (Adhu, my 5 year old niece) was coming along. I love kids and they are so much fun to hang out with. You know what my dream job would be? Kindergarten teacher. My friends would tease me asking why i bothered studying MBA. There is also another reason why i love hanging out with kids. You get to do kid stuff which you can’t as an adult without being stared at.

Our trip along with them started with the usual places – Denver downtown, Golden downtown, Rocky mountains..We got to see Elks,chipmunks up close and Adhu was super excited about it. I loved watching her get excited.




…and for the last day me and my husband were discussing on where to take them. My husband’s choice was Pikes peak. He loves the drive i guess. So we ended up going there. The weather was so good that for the first time we were able to climb down the rocks at the view point. Pikes peak is a crowd pleaser. We had some more time in our hands and decided to give “Cave of the winds” a shot.

The view from the ticket counter itself was great. It looked like a gorge with a tiny river.


They have two types of tours – Discovery and Lantern tour. Discovery tour tells you more about the formation and facts on the caves. We took the lantern tour. This tour is filled with ghost stories and few facts about the caves. It was scary with no lights or minimal lighting. They had given us each our own lanterns which was fun. The first ten minutes of the tour we had to walk down the cave which had a very small passage. We had to bend so much. Only Adhu could walk up straight. The caves were cold inside. Our guide continuously was trying to scare us with sounds, stories and more. He let some of us into a dark passage, just to scare us. It was fun though. At one point, he asked us to switch our lanterns off. It was pitch dark. I mean i waved my hands in front of my eyes and i couldn’t see it. It seems, if we live like that for 2 to 3 months we could never see again as our brain will forget to interpret vision signals.

All in all it was a scary fun trip through the caves..



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