Colorado Renaissance Festival

The last day of the festival was last Sunday and we caught that. It was fun day.


So many stores and shops selling a wide variety of Renaissance themed stuff. There were so many fun rides and food of course. What’s a fair/festival without food?

My favorite item on sale was the flower band. You will definitely see one or two in the pictures i post. The shows were the main attraction at least for us. Many of the other visitors were dressed for the theme. The whole Festival was up a notch due to the costumes.

There was Elephants, camels, Llama and even a Unicorn. Haha…The picture with an elephant was the parade of the festival with all the participating members taking part.

So lets talk about the shows. The first show that made me stay through out was “Celtic Legacy”. A band with bagpipes, drums and guitar. The music was so smoothing. They played theme music of Pirates of the Caribbean, Game of thrones and more. The sun was scorching and yet we stayed for the music.


Right after that, was the show of “The great cats”. We somehow found a nice shady spot and saw some of the wild cats right on stage. White tiger, Panthers, Leopard…wow! They were playing with their masters like a cat or a dog would. It was so cute to watch them cuddle with the trainer.

We rested in the green lawn for a while. The show “Cast in Bronze” started. Another musical show with huge bells(4 tons). The instrument is called “Carillon”. Smoothing music and shade in the lawn was the perfect combo for us to rest.


The last show we caught and this was my favorite show of all – “Hypnosis show”.

Look at the volunteers falling over asleep. This was a hilarious show to witness. Am thankful i wasn’t one of those who volunteered. He made them forget their names. Well am still not sure how it works or if it works at all but the show was hilarious.


That’s all folks. Another added fun for me was it was filled with Poke Stops; That too with lure modules. wowie…


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