Beach House at ECR

Being home after a year was just so comforting. We were being pampered a lot. Friends! Meeting all of them after so long made me feel younger.

My college friends decided we hang out in our friend’s Beach house in ECR.


The first day there, Friday eve, we were enjoying our view of the beach from the 4th floor balcony. The waves and gushing sounds were so smoothing. One of my friends brought her baby along and we had so much fun playing with him. He is such a cutie.

We were a group of 7 girls. So you can imagine the noise we were making. We had a year of catching up to do. We were on and on for hours until the sun came up. Sun came up and our eyes were shutting off. We barely slept for 2 hours but we had to get ahead plan our bright new day ahead of us. Talk about a bunch of chatty, opinionated girls. So that ran along till noon and our stomach started grumbling. We went to the nearest restaurant and had a lovely meal.


This is the fun part of the trip. We went to Snow World. Yes..Two of us in our group were living in places covered with snow. Yet we decided to go there just to avoid the scorching sun.

The snow world was so much fun. The snow there wasn’t actual snow though. It was crushed ice. There was a slide for snow tubing, a sledge to play around with and a DJ corner.

I tried to pull my friends on the sledge and fell down. It had to happen to me right?!? It was ice so got hurt too. On the whole still memorable. Got a scar as keep sake. hehe!

The next place we went to was very creative – A 3D photo museum. The whole place was set up to look like you are part of the object photographed.

Lastly, OF course the BEACH!!!

I was thinking of my husband as he misses beaches the most in Denver.

My beautiful friends @ the beach.



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