Great Sand Dunes

Great Sand Dunes National Park was one of the different scenic point in Colorado. Usually its mountains, lakes and creeks. This one has those too but the difference is the sand dunes. It appears as if we are in a desert. The sand is so fine and perfect for sand boarding. The sand is said to have come from the eroded mountains and freezing and thawing of the same.

To get to the sand dunes, one has to walk through the Medano Creek. The creek has very little water and yet it was so much fun. It made me miss beaches. The sand and the water was perfect.

Kids were splashing the water around; enjoying the creek.

Zapata Falls:

The road to trailhead was rocky. 3 miles of roadless path but its worth it. From the trailhead its a 3/4 mile hike to the falls. We have to walk on the creek to view the falls. The water was really cold but it was fun tip toeing on the pebbles to reach the falls. It lead to a cave like structure from where the falls was visible. The cave was super cold and water mist all around.


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