Snow on Pikes Peak


This time around, Pikes peak was full of snow. Through out the drive, there was snow build up for about 2-3 feet. In the beginning of the ride, below the tree line, we saw people skiing and snow boarding.  We looked at them in awe. Those regions were tough! I mean trees, rocks and such steep fall. They must be pros doing it with such ease and grace.

As we went along, higher, the snow build up was considerable. We got down from the car to take a picture. The view is so much nicer from the car. Wind was brutal. It was literally shutting my door when i tried to open it. Things from the car were flying away. We somehow managed to get off and we took some pictures. Suddenly we were being hit by tiny rocks…oh wait yes! they were ice. Tiny frozen snow. We ran into the car and drove to the top. The drive was such a treat to our eyes.

Yayy the top!



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