Pagosa Springs


Last minute trips always becomes the most fun ones. This was one such trip. Pagosa Springs as such is a 5 hour drive from Denver and normally we wouldn’t have considered it. We had planned Great sand dunes for the weekend. Since we decided last minute and couldn’t find a place to stay close by. My husband found a cute little cabin in South fork. It is located in the Rio Grande National Forest close to the Rio grande river.

We reached the place and took a stall near by next to the river. We were looking at trails we  could take and the most popular spot was the Wheeler Geological Area. It required an ATV and it takes a entire day to cover it. A must do for a another time. Most of Rio grande is suited for off roading. There were very few small hikes. So we decided to go to Pagosa Springs, an hour from the cabin.

The drive is through the National Forest and is quite scenic. Creek running next to you. San Juan river, Wolf creek etc.

First stop along the way was Lake Fork trail. Beautiful creek flowing through rocks, woods.


Next stop : Scenic overlook of Pagosa Springs.

Rio grande is another fall place to visit as there are a lot of aspen trees. Fall colors would be another beauty to see.

Treasure falls: This was really a treasure. With such a small hike up, we can see the gorgeous falls and the mist blowing all over us. We could see rainbow as the water hit the rocks and spattered.

After the hike we went to the downtown of Pagosa Springs. Took the San Juan river walk. The Springs Resort and Spa is right next to the river. You can see it from the river walk. We  soaked in the tubs and the view was spectacular. Ended the day with the refreshing soak in the mineral water, enjoying the view of the river.


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