Bierstadt Lake

The every first time I had been to the Rocky Mountain National Park; i was at awe of its beauty. I made my husband stop every 2 feet to look at the view. He then told me, we could see that next time we come as we don’t have time to cover it all. I was under the impression we will not visit the same place again. Oh boy! how wrong was i? This is the number 1 spot in everybody’s list when they visit. I have now visited the park more than 15 times and still in awe of its beauty.

So this time around, we took a short hike to Bierstadt Lake. It is a 3.5 mile round trip hike.

Beautiful Mountains as backdrop, the trail headed up the mountain. There was snow and ice at the level where the lake is located. We were looking for a picnic spot next to the lake. My shoes and socks got wet when i slipped in the snow. (poor me)! We finally found a spot and had our lunch. Picnics are fun right? I love eating outdoors among the nature.

We had planned to go around the lake, just when we started i realized i had lost my smart watch. The watch was a birthday gift from my dear husband. You can imagine how sad i would have been.

We started looking for it on the trail we took. The path was covered with snow and the watch might have very well have slipped through it.(like i did) I was looking to connect to it with my phone and thankfully, was able to establish a connection. We made a perimeter using the Bluetooth connection, as to where it was connected and where not. Searching this perimeter wasn’t easy either. My husband in search of the watch got his shoes and socks wet. We were starting to get cold and the wet socks wasn’t helping either. I had no heart to leave without the watch especially since i know its there somewhere. I retraced my path and found it on the snow yet working perfectly. The same place where i had slipped (duh!). Since we were exhausted by then we went to the bear lake to get refreshed!

Frozen bear lake 🙂


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