Salt Lake City

After a long gap of two and half months, a trip 🙂

Temple square was the first thing we visited during the trip. It is located in the downtown of SLC. It is a Beautiful 10 acre of architecture and gardens.


The downtown was fun with various fountains with music.


We went to a piano bar – Keys on Main. It was abs Fun! So many songs were requested and they played it all :O. I was amazed at how many songs the performers knew and didn’t hesitate to play.Almost the entire audience was singing along and dancing . It was my first piano bar and i thoroughly enjoyed it.

The next day, we went to the Antelope Island State park, had to see the great salt lake! The weather was good with sun shining so bright. The road was in the middle of the island, so you can see water both sides. Its stagnant water, so the water levels varies but was quite a view with mountains behind. Due to the salt lake number of insects in the area are high.

We drove to the tip of the Island, saw some bison grazing around. The blue lake pleases are eyes so much and the mountains adds to the grandeur.

On our way back we hit the swim beach. Not so much of a beach in my opinion. Beach must have waves;tides. That’s the kind of beach i love. Anyways, the swim beach was of course way too salty. We just dipped our feet into it. It was refreshing as the water was cold and the sun was so bright.

I got tanned a little. Thanks to the salt lake.

Next stop…A hike 🙂 Our favorite outdoor activity.

Donut Falls

Yes. The falls which falls into a donut shaped cave. It is located in Big cottonwood canyon. The hike in general is a short one and difficulty is easy. Since it was close to winter when we did the hike, it wasn’t that easy to finish it. Not to mention we headed the wrong way since the entire place was covered with snow. After a little while, we followed the sound of the water falling and found the trail. To get to the falls, we had to walk through the creek and to get to the donut cave, climb up the rocks where the water is flowing. The entire hike is so gorgeous. A creek to follow all along.

The drive the Big cottonwood canyon:

The hike to the donut falls:

The falls:


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