Weekend @ Dallas

Dallas Arboretum

My dear friends knowing i love flowers, took us to the Arboretum where they had Tulip show for the spring time. Tulips Tulips everywhere! SO many different colors, some with two shades. It was so colorful. The cherry blossoms in the side added fragrance. The blowing wind make the cherry blossoms to fall and it was so beautiful and the fragrance was amazing.  I would describe my paradise like that!

The weather was so good, quite sunny so we all enjoyed the stroll. The Arboretum was next to the white rock lake. The large green garden and the lake at the end was a perfect spot for picnic. Kids were rolling over the lawn enjoying the sun.

Billy Bob’s Rodeo

Our next stop was the Rodeo. Texas! We straight went to the show where the cowboys had to stay on the bull for 8 seconds. There were about 10 cowboys who tried that. The last one we watched was scary. The man fell from the bull right before the bull and the bull gave him a lift with its horns. Omg it was so scary to watch. Of course they were trained professionals wearing all safety gears. So nobody got hurt. He ran towards the fence (we were right behind the fence) and jumped onto one and held it to safeguard himself from the bull.

They tie the rope around the bull’s stomach. Its so damn tight that the bull jumps forward and backward to relieve itself. This rocking is to be managed by the cowboys. It was fun to watch but i couldn’t help but feel sorry for the bulls.

Billy Bob’s is the world largest honky tonk. So it said in the gift shop. So i googled honky tonk.

“A honkytonk (also called a honkatonk, honkeytonk, or tonk) is the name given to a type of bar that provides country music for entertainment to its patrons.”

And yes there was music and dancing. Oh it was so much fun. We did a little tap dancing.

That was the end of day one and we had to travel quite a bit to reach our destinations. The whole city was filled with flyover bridges. We hardly took a road which was in the ground level. The speed limit was 75 so the distance didn’t matter much.

Fossil Rim Wildlife Center

I loved this place. It was such a unique experience and the animals must be treated this way, rather than being caged and trapped. So let me explain how this place works. Its a huge forest land of 1500 acres. The wildlife are free to roam. All the herbivores were free to roam and you can feed them all!!!

Different types of deer, zebra, giraffe, emu, ostrich, goats, Ram etc. where on the roads waiting for us to feed them. They have a 9 mile road on which we can take our own cars and feed the animals. We had a great time. I was scared to feed it right from my hands but my friend loved feeding them. The animals are used to cars so they come so near and u can feed them like you feed a baby. The giraffe was the best part though. The ostrich never let us go. We still don’t know what it spotted on our car but it was right in front of car for about 5 minutes!

The weekend flew by before we knew it!


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