Denver Zoo

One sunny day, i badly wanted to go out and be in the sun. So i called up my friend and planning on what to do. Turns out it was free day at the zoo! So went to Denver zoo. The zoo was crowded and filled with children. I don’t know whom i was looking at more; kids or the animals. Kids are so adorable right? Esp when all you have to do with them is just play. The zoo wasn’t so big (80 acres), we covered it all in 2 to 3 hours which includes a lunch break. Small zoo gives you the satisfaction of covering it all. It was ideal for us.

Every time i visit the zoo, i feel sorry for the animals. Esp those which are trapped in a smaller cage and those who are alone. This time i felt bad for the polar bear and penguins which couldn’t bear the heat and the birds. The birds were confined to very very small cages. Some of them were. Watching other living being is always entertaining though.

The best entertainer award goes to…..The monkeys..

Very obvious uh? but they were so much fun to watch. There were a lot of species of monkeys and there was two monkeys hugging. It was so adorable to watch them. Gorilla, Orangutan were so human like and how they moved, ate, played with each other was all fun to watch.

The second one is called the emperor because of its mustache.

In front of some of the animals, zoo personnel had skin of the animal and we were allowed to touch and feel it.

Cute and pretty Animals of the zoo

The next section, we loved was the birds section. The most colorful part of the zoo. The birds were free to fly in this huge confined space. The zoo sells nectar which can be fed to the birds.


When i was exiting the zoo, my smart watch told me i achieved my target!(Steps/day) Yay!!



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