Cherokee Ranch & Castle

It is a beautiful place, which remains a working 3,400 acre cattle/hay ranch. The castle, fashioned in 15th century Scottish style is truly awesome. We had planned to visit Scotland but unfortunately we had to cancel. Scottish style castle near by made me wanna go.

The tours were booked for weeks when we got the tickets. The castle is in a secluded area around which there are not many buildings. It is not a huge castle as it was build as a shooting box. The Architecture is amazing though. The tour was highly informative and enjoyable. The guides of the tour had been the butler, cook to the beloved lady of the house, Tweet Kimball, for 21 years prior to her death. Beautiful European antiques and paintings fill the house.

The tour started outside the castle, as the guide explained about the stones used to build the castle.

As we entered the castle, it was filled with paintings and antiques.

The Great Hall

Huge chandeliers, fire places and the animal heads made me feel royal!

Antiques of the house:

As the tour was about to end, we were taken to the top most point of the castle – Tower. That point had an incredible view of almost all the peaks of Colorado. The guides told us many many stories of the owners, their guests and about each antique in the castle. The personal stories made it more enjoyable.


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