Hike to the Emerald Lake!

Being in Colorado makes you wanna explore the mountains more. Be it summer, winter..

I have been on about ten hikes so far in Colorado. Most of them in summer. The one i went today was the best so far (on the basis of scenic beauty). Emerald lake at the Rockies!

The trail starts near the bear lake and comes to around 3.5 miles in length Round trip. The trail is considered easy with an elevation gain of 650 ft.

We rented snowshoes from the mountain shop in Estes park and went to the bear lake. Though the parking was full, we wanted to try and luck and we got lucky. Snowshoes are not so easy to wear (at least it wasn’t for me) but the comfort and grip it gives on the snow is incredible.

It was a bright sunny day but a little windy. I somehow started to like snowshoeing more the summer hikes. With majestic white mountains around and trees crowned with snow the hike had a pleasing scenery.  Along the hike there were many small snowman with twigs and pines. It was so cute to look at them. Some parts of the trail was really steep and some with deep snow. One part of the hike had a very narrow space, this side was mountain of snow and the other side a steep slope. Wearing the huge snow shoes, i was so careful not to slip.

We reached our first lake, Nymph lake.


The white surface behind me is the lake. Its all ice. I couldn’t identify it as a lake as a walked over it. By this time, both our phones ran out of battery and we couldn’t take any more pictures.

We continued our hike to reach the magic spot – Emerald lake. As we moved closer, we asked a fellow hiker which way the lake is and his response was “You are about to witness some magic” pointing to the way. It was magical. The lake was frozen with the  rocks in between and the majestic mountains as the background setting. The lake has frozen in such a way that you can see ripples and waves in the form of ice. Wow! It was breathtaking to watch that. WE got really cold and i was feeling frustrated as i couldn’t take one picture of this incredible beauty. My dear husband tried to restart our phones without sims and more. Yet no luck. We just had to take it all in with our eyes. It was so beautiful.



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