Denver Museums

I am no artist, but i can appreciate art. I believe intricacies and detail is key to any form of art. Last weekend, we went to the Art Museum. First Saturdays are free to public and i really wanted to go.

The Museum was so huge with 7 floors. We really couldn’t do justice with the mere three hours we had. Each floor had a single type of collection, like Asian Art, European Art etc.There was so much to learn about regional cultures of now and our past. Each floor took us to a different era, different region.. How those cultures prospered, what they value…

Kids there had the most fun. Each section had a craft corner, where you get to do something fun and relevant to the collection theme. You get to take it home too!

I loved making those crafts myself, that was the best part of my visit. One of the things i made was in the Asian Art section. A replica of a lamp used in their culture. Instead of a lamp we used candles and structure made out of cardboard. I bet its more fun and educative with kids. I saw a lot of them working on their crafts with a lot of enthusiasm. he Art museum staff was so very kind and patient with everybody.


Many of the kids there did a better job, i agree. I still had fun doing it!

The next day we went to the Nature and Science Museum. They had their own parking! So we didn’t have to rush out. We had an entire day till 3:30 pm that is as we had to be home back for the Superbowl. The museum was filled with people wearing Orange!

It was 3 floors that made it easier to cover all exhibits. The Wildlife exhibits had stuffed animals displayed  from various parts of the world. They looked close to real. The next exhibit was the prehistoric journey with dinosaurs, mammoths and ageing of earth explained. Dinosaurs makes everyone wonder and be in awe! We were too.The Egyptian mummies exhibit though a small one was informative.

My favorite was the gems and minerals.  Girls like shiny things ah? Well i do but it was the science behind it too that made this section my favorite. You will see the only snaps i took was in there.


Felt like a school kid being in Museums.


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