Roxborough Park

We were discussing about what to over the weekend through out the weekend!!

Thankfully, one of our friends called us out to join them for a hike at Roxborough Park. We had no idea where it was located. Turns out it is quite near to the city of Denver. Generally for a hike we will have to travel one and half hour minimum. This one was quite near and hence a short drive. We were considering renting snow shoes but we didn’t as the visitor center told us the snow was minimum.

It was a beautiful sunny Sunday. Oh how i miss the sun? I never thought i will say that. I do i miss it. It was quite sunny with not so strong breeze.

We choose a moderate trail and went on with it. The trails were super easy. It was walk in the park (literally!). For the first time in few months i walked outside without a coat! That was refreshing. The elevation in the trails was next to zero so it was a comfortable walk for all of us.

The trails were covered with ice and was slippery. We walked through remembering our ice skating experience. Oh i fell a lot of times! Coming back to the hike, i didn’t fall once!

Our friend called this as sister of garden of gods. You can see why from the pictures!


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