My first visit to San Francisco. It was a sweet family meet with my in laws coming to town. We had gathered to celebrate Pongal – a harvest festival. It was fun to be around people during the festivities.

With two of our relatives in town, they already had a list of places ready. First one of the list, Lombard street and gardens.

Its the crooked street with eight hairpin bends. Driving near to this place was so much fun. It was like driving on the mountain. When you drive, you cannot see the street, you will be seeing the sky. With the car being full, it was all the more challenging for the car (haha).

Next in the list..yes of course the Golden gate.

The entire weekend we were there the forecast was rainfall. So you can imagine the place around golden gate was pretty foggy. The fogginess only added to its beauty. With the drizzle upon us, we walked the bridge.


I loved watching the sailboats. Look at how many of them are sailing!

Next stop : Ghirardelli


Yup that is right! We went in for their world famous Hot Fudge Sundae..It was so delicious! I didn’t for a minute count my calories until i was done.  That chocolate fudge was so gooey and thick and so chocolaty! yummm…Trying to make my fudge was good as that now.

Next and final stop : Fisherman’s wharf

We went in to see the sea lions. But i had more fun watching the seagulls.

We watched over all the shops as we walked. The Boudin Bakery had breads made in various shapes and you can watch them make. That was one store which was fun to watch.


List covered! Next time i visit i will come with my own new list!


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