Snowshoeing @ St Mary’s Glacier

My best hiking experience ever! It was so much fun. Last summer we had gone for about 10 hikes. Last weekend was the first winter hike. In the snow, with the snowshoes… It was so enjoyable. Incentives in a winter hike is not just the view but the snow. Hike up the mountain and you can slide down in the snow.

People had got their boards to slide down the mountain. We had rented the snowshoes and poles from REI.It was totally worth it. It was so much easier to hike with it. It gave us so much grip. Our friends did it with simple waterproof shoes with good sole. That was fun too. If you have a good sole it is doable.


Winter makes us all hide ourselves under the loaded coats and jackets. Usually the same old black jackets. Look at me though, colorful and that pretty scarf! (hehe)

It was a one mile hike but it was going up he mountain. It didn’t take much time to reach the top and coming down was a breeze.

Half way up, we reached this lake. It was fully frosted and was slippery throughout. We walked in the side in snow.

We were busy sliding down, so there is no picture of that! The weather  that day was good and sunny which made the hike so much more enjoyable.

The view from the top:


The ice in the middle is the lake. I am definitely going for an another hike this winter!


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