Ice Skating!

On the new year, we went Ice Skating in Denver Downtown. The Southwest rink at Skyline park will be open daily from November 24, 2015 – February 15, 2016. Skate rental is $2 – or bring your own pair and skate for free! To our surprise, since it was new year even the rental was free.

The rink was filled with kids. Everybody skating so well and i was feeling super lost and scared to let go of the rink.

There was a sweet girl spinning in one leg. I watched her in awe and tried to skate at least a round. I was so scared to even try as i might fall over someone else, worse case would be some kid. So i barely did a round around and exited the rink. It was so crowded. My legs were paining after a while too. But it was fun! I have to go another time to try it out properly.

Thanks to the Southwest rink, we have one other activity to do in the winters! 🙂


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