First time skiing

I was all excited to Ski. It was my first time and i was all ready to learn. We had booked half a day ski lesson at copper mountain. We stayed at Frisco the previous night just so we could reach on time for the class at 9:30 am.

We reached Frisco and i just couldn’t walk outside even though i was wearing so many layers. It was so cold. Temperature was -10 F. My enthusiasm started to fade. I was questioning how i will even stand in this weather for a long period. My husband who was not that interested in skiing in the first place was smirking at me. I liked the Frisco downtown. With the white mountains at the back this small town looked so pretty.

It was time for the lessons and with my experience the previous day i added two more layers, hand and leg warmers. It did do the trick and i was feeling warm. We reached copper mountain at 8:45 am. The white mountains is quite a breath taking view. I loved the scenic view. Snow everywhere, small streams turning into ice, pine trees with snow on them..As such this place was huge. One could easily get lost in there.

We got our rentals and lift tickets at east side only to realise we had to go to the west side for the lessons. We took the shuttle. The ski shoes are pretty heavy on the feet and quite tight for a good reason. This made my legs so warm but yet walking was difficult. Steps… oh my god! I just couldn’t lift my feet. So that was a hassle. Heavy shoes on my feet, heavy ski blades to carry and we were walking around to find the west side.

We finally made it and the lessons started. So to the beginner’s slope it was a bus again and then a sledge to take you to the slope. We had a good instructor teaching the basic movements like an intro to the skiing sport. That was the last of me standing. Once we started to slide, i kept falling. I might have fell like a million times through the lessons. The kids with the ski on, sliding around didn’t help my confidence either.  I did ski a bit but more falling and less skiing. The worst part is every time you fall, you have to get your ski blades off and then get up collect your ski blades and walk to another less elevated place to get them on again. (only to fall off again! at least) So this went on for about 3 hours. I wasn’t feeling cold at all. All the skiing and falling kept me warm. The lessons were over and it was 1 pm. We were so hungry. We went for lunch hoping to get back for more skiing. The minute I sat for lunch, i could feel my legs hurting. There was pain all over my lower body. Its been two days and i am still in pain. So there goes the plan of going back to ski after lunch. We returned our rentals and headed our way back home. My husband thoughtfully stopped at a hot spring on our way back. My legs were thanking him.


See all the snow on me? Proof of my story!

All through my pain and every time i fell i told myself its like learning to ride a bike, you fall and learn. I am telling myself that even now. I will go back and fall a fewer times and learn. Skiing was fun..Don’t be negatively influenced by my experience. During the lunch, i saw people snow boarding, skiing with such balance and control. I watched them in awe. Hoping to get at least a bit better at skiing. Being in Denver and with few more months of winter, we will give it another shot at it.



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