Grand Canyon

We were in Vegas wondering what to do for the weekend and we ended up going to the west rim of the Grand canyon. Its a two hour drive from Vegas.

You will have to buy a ticket to get in and there are three different spots inside. They have a shuttle to  take you to one place from the other.

The first stop was Hualapai Ranch. It depicts a old time town.


What i really liked about this place was the shooting.


You could dual anyone to a gun fight! Yeah they were real guns. You have to draw, pull the hammer and shoot! The one who shoots first, wins.

The second point was the Sky walk. No cameras are allowed in there and you will have to wear protective cover for your footwear to safeguard the bridge from scratches etc.

The bridge isn’t that long but it gives you a look at the depth of the canyon. The Colorado river running nearby can be seen from there.


The sun shine is essential to see the canyon in its prime. The sun makes it look gorgeous with all eroded edges reflecting light and appearing red. Can you believe that all of this (canyon) was created by erosion of the river? Over the years of course.

The third point was my favorite among them. The Guano Point.

Maybe its because of the light but this point is where i felt the wow.




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