Vegas baby!

I tagged along with my husband who was attending a conference in Vegas. So I had 4 days to go around all alone. We stayed at Luxor. Yes the pyramid shaped hotel. The entire hotel was decorated in Egyptian style. If you have seen a beam of light in the night in vegas, its from this hotel. This beam of light depicts mythological light from the great pyramid of giza to the sky.

The picture of the light of beam was taken from the 65th floor of Delano – Skyfall lounge. The view was spectacular. Arrays and arrays of light.

Next to Luxor was the Excalibur hotel, designed like a British Castle. The hotel depicts ages of kings and warriors of those times.


So before i go on and on, let me warn you Hotels are all of it there and that is all am gonna write about too. Almost all the hotels there were themed. I loved looking around the hotels.  Every detail of the hotel was inclined towards their theme.

Luxor being the last hotel in the strip, we had to do a lot of walking. I mean a lot!!

The whole strip was so bright and crowded. It has so happening. We went ahead to see the Bellagio Fountains. It goes on every 15 minutes and it was so beautiful to watch.

Interiors of Bellagio

Bellagio fountains were even more fun to watch from the top of the Eiffel tower.

Caesar’s Palace

As the name says it all, it’s all Italian. I loved the blue sky roof. It felt like it was day.

Venetian..Venice theme. The gondola rides inside and outside the hotel are expensive but its pretty watch them ride.

New York, New York


There is this cool Volcano eruptions outside the Hotel mirage. I missed it. It happens twice a day at 7 and 8 pm. I still got to go inside the hotel to visit the secret garden. Tiger cubs and Dolphins. They were so damn cute!

The tiger cubs were playing like cats. Cute little cats. When i first saw them i couldn’t even tell if they were stuff animals or real.  The dolphins were playing with balls and it was like they could talk to their trainers. Seeing the trainers communicate with the dolphins, made me feel like they were babies. They were so cute, adorable and so innocent, just wanting to be pet by their trainer.


Sheryl Crow’s Concert:

My trip is not yet over. There is one more stop. The hoover dam. The dam was so huge. I have not seen a bigger dam.It is he largest dam in US by volume. It produces electricity for Colorado, Arizona and California using hydroelectric power.

With that ended our Vegas journey.


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