My husband is a huge fan of Sachin Tendulkar (Star of Indian Cricket). Cricket was one of those things cherished as a child (well even today). Almost all sports have this power to bring people together (or against) even when you hardly know them. Cricket is that sport for my husband and tennis for my dad. Srinath says thats the way to get to my dad.  Cricket and Sachin were the reason for our LA trip. There was a match (All stars) among the stars of 90s at the Dodger’s stadium.

The first place we went to, like almost everyone would – The Hollywood sign. We went on the hike to see the sign.

Weather there was quite a change to us after the snow in Denver. It was sunny in LA.

Just opposite to the trail is the Griffith Observatory. Felt like a child inside the Observatory remembering my science classes from school. The simple concepts such as eclipse, day and night, seasons were all explained so well with 3D objects making learning so much fun. We went to one of their shows named “Centered in the Universe”. Earth place in the universe was explained in a theatrical way.

In the evening we went to usual touristy places – Hall of fame, Chinese theater etc. That walk gave me a lot of steps on my health App.

Driving back was a nightmare. The traffic in LA was so much more and the driving style was so different. It took a long one and half hours to cover 20 miles. oh my my!

Palm trees were the beauty of the city. It was quite the view and of course the beautiful houses near the coast. It has always been mountains around here. To see both coast, beach and mountains was a change of scenery for me. We went to three points to see the blue beauty – Rancho Palos verdes, Point vincent lighthouse and Malaga cove viewpoint. The blue beaches, lighthouse, breeze and the birds.. I enjoyed all of it.

We went to the match. It was weird watching a cricket match  in a Baseball stadium but the crowd was so damn lively. Cheering and screaming the players name. The energy in that stadium made the experience memorable. The match was a close one too.

The next day we continued our journey to San Francisco. The Pacific coast drive! I was so excited about this but unfortunately it was too windy and we were running short of time so couldn’t cover much of the scenic spots on the way. We drove along Santa Monica, Malibu, Santa Barbara and Pismo Beach. Blue coast came along with us all the way. Big sur and few others are still on my list for next time!

We walked on the pier in pismo Beach. It was so windy and we were feeling cold, yet the walk was beautiful with seagulls around you. It felt like walking over the beach.


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